us government relaunch

Government re-launch has no effect on the USD

As you already know the government was shut down for more than 35 days, which did quite a number on the USD. It was expected that as soon as Trump and the Democrats came to an agreement about the wall, the government shut down would end and everything would fall back in place. Well, the agreement has come back, but the USD hasn’t even bounced back, even after suffering a tumble last month. Why? (more…)

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BC FX Review: Not Without Its Problems

The Forex industry has a strange dynamics with the many Forex companies who have a hard time to be at their best all the time. Many Forex companies fail to comply with the laws and regulations in place on a continuous basis and have to retreat for a while until they get back on their feet. To keep an impeccable reputation is almost impossible in the Forex market since every trader counts and all of them have different points of view on their broker. You will often come across contradictory feedbacks from different traders. This review focuses on a specific broker who started out well only to be hindered by certain legal obstacles. (more…)

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